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6/21/07 - NEW TOPIC: Things That Need To Be Done

5/27/07 - NEWNESS: New songwriters clubs songs from: DANG GERL and MATT & MIKE; new song from: MATT ELLIOTT; new EP from JON GIERMAN.

5/21/2007 - Dinosaur Technology

4/19/2007 - Old Wives' Tales

3/19/2007 - The Six Senses

2/5/2007 - Crazy amounts of new songwriters club songs from such renowned acts as: Aaron, Paul Baribeau, Matt Elliott, Jamie and Katie, Mike Lovato, Nina and Kristina, Craig Peters, and Eva Rogers! Also: the Cassette EP by Piggy Pants!

2/2/2007 - Cometkaze is now on myspace at 

1/31/2007 - Kins is IN. Veloura Caywood's SUPERLATIVE third album is available for YOUR listening pleasure. And, BRAND NEW SONGWRITERS CLUB SONG!


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