stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs

we'll always be...

Drawing on Steve was THE seminal band from Grand Ledge from 2001 through 2003. Drawing on Steve were Miss Mother Kitten, Miss Sister Kitten, and Jackson Collie Dog. They recorded WELL over 100 songs and produced the GROUNDBREAKING albums Reflector and Navigatoriational.


socks for sale

Bad Ass Junk Patrol

Birds of A Feather

Bucking Bronco

Can't Stop Me Now

Come On Over

Dance Party 2002

Death Blade Killthousand

Don't Say Goodbye

Eight Months and Counting

the Expanding Quest to Gather the Galaxy

Get Bent Dad

Ghost inside

Glamrocks and Shamrocks

Go Becky

Grand Ledge Rock City

Grand Ledge Sock City

Guitar Girlfriend

Gypsy's Revenge

Horns of Hate (A Viking Song)

Ice Cream Dreams

Me So Rock

Mitten Woman

Next Time Bring Your Wife

Not On My Watch...

Nothin' Wrong With Math Rock

One Wild Weekend

The Rebel Stevie Tuma

Reflections of Might

Rock Your Socks Off

Rooster on the Loose

Run, Hippie Run


This Means War

Truth and Miss Mother Kitten

Wizards and Warlocks

Wegotawaystogo (A Work in Progress)



God Bent Light... We Bent Sound

Light Bounces Higher Than the Heavens

See Us, Cirrus... Cumulonimbus

The Expanding Quest to Gather the Galaxy

Rising Above Aurora Borealis

Reflections of Might

Spectrum Values Equal to or Greater Than

The Refractory Period is Half My Expected Interest Rate

Passing Through Prisms

Refracting Rainbows Ruining Rainy Clouds

Isometric Pyramid Spinning on the Z-Axis

That's Not Ice, It's Just Frozen Water

Molten Photons Piled to Height

I See You... See You... See Me... See Me... See us

Doomed By Dimensions Unbeknownst to Science


cruisin' in ATL


this keeps them seperate

buy it!

the mother of ALL bees
get out!
don't  be bashful