stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs

dead right

The Birthday Cakes were Paul Baribeau, Mike Lovato and Matt Elliott. Foolishly, they recorded prolifically from 1994 to 1996, mostly on videotape and occasionally on 2-track reel to reel. Groundbreaking shows included: party at Shelly Dorn's house and birthday party at Erin Delaray's house. Spectacular shows included: Halloween party at Jason Pearson's house, and Steve Crawford's open house. Many years later, against better judgement, the Birthday Cakes Anthology was compiled.


can you listen?

Mitsubishi Zero

BC Intro

Kids are Spiders

Bottom Feeder

Radio Crisis USA

Mike's Takin' a Leak

My Name Is Thunder


Can You Listen

House of the Rising Sun

I Hate Mike Lovato


Looking For Trouble

Best Song Ever

The Greatest Song in the World - Period

Sweet Jane

I Wanna Baby Luvva

Skull Session

Black Dog

What's 4 Din-a


Nice Try Idiot!

Straight to Hell

Lounging On the Couch of Your Love

I'm Batman

Bonsai '95

Worst Song Ever Recorded

the Egyption Song

Poison Kiss

I'm So Bored With the Punk

Little Girl

Matt's Drum Solo

Secret Crush '96

BC Interview

Long Rap w/ Troy the Robot


cruisin' in ATL


this keeps them seperate

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