stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs

it's a little psychedelic

One boring spring afternoon in 2001 Paul Baribeau, Mike Lovato and Alex Watters descended in to Paul's basement. By the time they resurfaced they had written what many consider to be the finest rock opera to emerge from the Grand Ledge scene. The work concerns itself with the trials and tribulations of a young track star named Cal. On July 6 of that year they were joined by expert bass thumpasaurus Corey Kellicut when they performed the opera live at the Grand Haven Community Center to an audience of 7 enthusiastic middle-schoolers. The show was also noteworthy as the only known performance of the DEVASTATING Baribeau/Watters opus, Debt House. Afterward they were bought pizza, which they ate with relish, pizza relish.


first show ever!

The Triumph of Cal

Cal, Whatcha Gonna Do Now?

Cal Up On the Roof

Cal's Baby Leaves Him

All Cal Sees Is / I'm Not Carl

Cal Buys a Lotto Ticket


State Trooper

Debt House

Reason to Believe

Keep On Rocking In the Free World


this keeps them seperate

buy it!

his name is CAL
get out!
don't  be bashful


cruisin' in ATL