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GLRC was compiled in order to fool the sleepy town of Grand Ledge into thinking it had a thriving music scene. The plan was largely a failure. A reporter from the local paper, the Grand Ledge Independent contacted us and wanted to set up an interview, but we never heard from him again. He probably actually listened to the CD. Once, after playing a show in Grand Haven, Paul met a fan who said that her father had given her a CD called "grand Ledge Rock City" but didn't know that Paul was on the majority of the tracks. keep in mind we sold maybe five of these things. What a CRAZY world.

Schwinlig Geck - Offensichtlich Beziehhungweise

One Coin to Win - Convinced Completely

Three Body Types - the Lost Goodbye

Bushido Dragons - Twelve Hours

Drawing on Steve - Grand Ledge Folk City

Techno Tom - Electronic Warfare

Teatokers - Hates-a-bloomin'

Bushido Dragons - Family

Miss Mother Kitten - Why'd You Do That?

Three Body Types - Star Trippin'

Banana Meltdown - Spacemen from Outer Space

Culinary - Girl -You Need a Recipe

Drawing on Steve - Dinosaurs

Bushido Dragons - Secret Crush

Birthday Cakes - I'm Batman

Drawing on Steve - Get Bent Dad

Three Body Types - Carlsbad Caverns

Schwindlig Geck - Der Siegelbewahrer Schwillt

Drawing on Steve - Death of a Ledgie

Bushido Dragons - Hey-o

Boyfriend Trap - Excerpts from Cal Rock Opera


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