stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs

obie booby doobie

In the summer of 2004 Matt and Corey had a falling out with Mike involving a disappointing visit to the doctor and a piece of cheesecake that "mysteriously disappeared" from their GIANT refrigerator. Mike moved to the Petrified Forest to "get it all out," and Matt and Corey, tormented by feelings of regret and ennui, and seeking refuge from what seemed to be an overly cruel world, entered the studio to produce the CATHARTIC Sun Tribute Album. Later that summer they returned to the studio to work on what many consider their lost masterpiece, the incredibly rare and sought-after Fitness Album. Despite Matt + Corey never truly completing the Fitness Album, enthusiasts all over the globe continue to be concerned with fitness.

your gal ain't didly

High School Hop

Big River

Oobie Doobie

My Gal Is Red Hot

I Guess Things Happen That Way

Rave On

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Give My Love To Rose

Honey Don't

Lonely Weekend

Flying Saucer Rock and Roll


cruisin' in ATL


bear war!
this keeps them seperate

buy it!

get out!
don't  be bashful

calling all UFOs