stop in the name of love
they got a lotta great desks and chairs

piggy piggy piggy

Piggy Pants are Sean (vocals), Jon (beats, backing vocals), and sometimes Nick (barks, moans).  Having played in punk bands since 1994, Jon realized he was making a huge mistake.  He can't dance to punk rock and needed to make party music that he could actually dance to.  In May 2005, he wrote a few songs, taught them to Sean, and the two became Piggy Pants.  Kids on MySpace seemed to like them, so they recorded a couple more songs the following year (with the help of a dachshund named Nick) and released "the cassette ep" in October 2006. The Cassette EP will soon be available for purchase from WolfBeat Records.

the cassette ep

Rock Dachshund

Do The Dolly Parton

Love Is Good

Je t'aime

Four Legged Love Monster


cruisin' in ATL
the mitten


this keeps them seperate

buy it!

the cassette ep
get out!
don't  be bashful