stop in the name of love

that's just the way it goes

Mike Lovato resides in Tucson, Arizona. Every year he records a song or two. Now he has a place to put them.

This one was recorded in March of 2007

Seven to Eleven

This song was recorded January 2007, for no reason whatsoever.

Saturday at the Library

These songs were recorded in late 2006 after downloadeding a trial version of Adobe Audition and for one month having the power to do ANYTHING, yet doing very little of note.

P.O.U. P.O.U (with Matt Elliott)

Houston Astros

Don't Make Waves (by the Byrds)

This was recorded in the summer of 2006, when Mike was convinced that Hey Ya! was the greatest pop song of the 21st century. Months later Matt and Mike added the singing. This is what the fans say: "You're cover of Hey Yaw gives me a sense of a globabl family, i can't explain it. i can just see everyone of every religion, race, creed singing along to it, i love it." Who knew?

Hey Ya! (by Outkast)

These songs were recorded in the summer of 2004 at Petrified Forest National Park. At PEFO (as they say in interpark correspondence, don't tell them I told you) they are big on fossils. You can't take a poop there without stepping on the bones of Smilosuchas Gregorii. Once you say "Smilosuchas Gregorii" it will become stuck in your head, and you will have to write a song about in order to exorcize it from your brain.

Smilosuchas Gregorii

Dead Flowers (by the Rolling Stones)

Recorded in spring 2004 as the soundtrack to a movie called Marfa Massacre that was never made.

Gripper Love Theme

Chaparral Shank Party

Texas Aural Agony (with Matt Elliott)

Marfa Repetition Ruination

Outakes from the "Four-Way Split," recorded summer-fall 2003.

Tobor the Great

That's Just the Way it Goes


the Sea's Knees (without laughter)

This song was recorded in the fall of 2002 as the final outcome of a very esoteric assignment for school.

Basement Music (with Matt Elliott + Corey Kellicut)


cruisin' in ATL


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