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The Nachos are probably the greatest band that EVER lived. They were: Matt Elliot on bass, Corey Kellicut on guitar, and Paul Baribeau on tiny drums. They are not known to have EVER recorded ANY original material. Unless, of course, you consider combining Pocahontas and Sitting on the Dock of the Bay original. One day they went on TOUR. Legend has it, that in one glorious afternoon they played in Lansing (in front of City Hall, they were told to stop RIGHT after finishing their set), East Lansing (in front of Mackerel Sky, who’s proprietress told them to stop right in the middle of the best version of Victoria I have ever heard), Grand Ledge (by the Opera House), Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven (at the Waterfront Amphitheater). Thankfully, they recorded an ALBUM. The Nachos are from the 2002-2003 era. Warning: Some of these facts may be APOCRYPHAL.


they crazy

Live Medly One

Hang On Sloopy



Dirty Water


My Girl


Farmer John


Open All Night

Dancing in the Dark

Live Medly Two

Little Red Riding Hood

Start Me Up

Beat on the Brat

Wooly Bully

Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

Psycho Killer

Rock and Roll Radio

Teenage Kicks

The Model

Double Shot of My Baby's Love

Little Runaway


cruisin' in ATL


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